This Day Last Year: Supernatural Birth Story

I must confess that I once thought that I didn’t have the supernatural birth experience I desperately desired. I forgot that the birth of a healthy whole baby via a successful C-Section was in fact supernatural.

This day last year was the scariest day of my life so far. Mentally preparing for an unplanned C-section wasn’t easy. I was so scared, I began to shake and couldn’t breathe. Yes, I had a ‘I can’t breathe’ moment. It’s a place I never want to be again.

Ironically, this day last year was one of the most joyful days of my life. Carrying my own child with my husband by my side. Beginning a new life with a new human was perfection. Our joy was overflowing, it felt like my heart would explode in a good way. Exhaustion had nothing on us. DH was in labor with me and I loved him even more. I know some women talk about hating their man during labor. This wasn’t the case for me and I don’t want it to ever be.

While pregnant, I read Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize and I really wanted the experience because I constantly seek God’s best in every area of life. You can get a free copy of the book here or contact us.

I had a stress free pregnancy and expected a stress free delivery. When the later didn’t happen, I felt like God failed me but it was a lie. God didn’t fail me. I remember DH also telling me how much our birth experience shook his faith. Yes! Our faith was shook.

After much introspection, I can say God was faithful all the way. I was the impatient one (someday soon, I will share how impatience keeps me from God’s best). Will I continue to believe God for a stress free child-birth? Of course! I am too optimistic to expect anything else or less.

Leaving the hospital earlier than expected, having an exceptionally speedy recovery, and a delivery that didn’t bankrupt my family are some of the many testimonies that surrounded the birth of the little one. Those are supernatural because I couldn’t have made those things happen with my natural abilities.

I am grateful to God for giving me and DH the strength to do all we did during our first year of parenting. It is a wonderful honor to parent our little human gift from above.


  1. yes! God is faithful!! We need to understand the fact God ordains every step of our lives means every part of our lives IS a supernatural experience, whether by it can be explain by human knowledge or not. I also read Supernational Birth by Jackie and let me tell u I chose to take my faith to unprecedented child like levels

      1. So for child no. 2, let’s both aim higher in our faith!! Just like she and her husband did….let’s delve into the scriptures over and over…faith comes by hearing AND hearing by tur Word of God