Fighting Diaper Change

I don’t know where the little one learned the combative skills he uses during diaper change. Most times, I have to give him a preferred item to prevent him from taking off or kicking my face during diaper change. Certainly, soaking wet and poopy diapers are not comfortable. Fresh diapers must feel so good. But, why does the little one resist diaper change?! Why can’t he just lay down, be still, and get cleaned up! There was a time he used to be still and diaper change didn’t require much effort and struggle.

This ongoing combative diaper change situation points to my own impatience.

Sometimes, I try to make things fall in place in my own power. Sometimes, I lean on my own understanding. Sometimes, I try to take off instead of waiting. Sometimes, I forget to be still and rest in God’s love and faithfulness. Sometimes, I don’t want to wait and I want things done my way.

But the good good father is patient with me. Just like I am learning to be patient with the little one who likes to run away or kick me while I am getting him cleaned up and wearing him a fresh diaper.

Despite my impatience, God still makes all things work together for my good because He knows my heart, He knows I am a lover and I am growing. God doesn’t leave me to sit or run around in my mess. God cleans me up and shows me love.

God is rich in love, He is compassionate, full of mercy and grace.

Don’t be frustrated, cast your cares on God and trust in the Lord even when it’s hard.

But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. James 1:4 (KJV)


  1. Wow beautiful metaphor you used to help explain the concept of how we can be so resistant when God wants to cleanse us of a sinful or harmful habit or way of life and we resist, kicking and screaming all the way instead of allowing God to work in us in peace and submission

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