Are your decisions faith-based or fear-based?

Less than two weeks after the little one started attending daycare, I was told he would be moved to another class because his motor skills were advanced for the beginners class and it was time for him to start feeding himself. Well, I wasn’t too excited about the news.

The little one was just beginning to get used to being away from mommy. He was getting familiar with his new teachers or caregivers. I felt the change was too much and too soon. They were going to move him to a class with older and more kids. He looked physically ready but I wasn’t sure he was emotionally ready.

I felt this overwhelming fear that the little one would be bullied by older kids in his class, he would not receive the attention he needed due to his bigger class size… He may choke on his food, he may fall at the playground…omg! I wasn’t going to let that happen. He will move to a new class when momma thinks he is ready.

I told DH my fears and concerns. He thought the school’s transition plan was good and we should trust them to do their job.

One day in the school’s parking lot, I asked myself if I was going to make decisions for the little one based on fear or faith. I prayed for wisdom and chose faith. Now, this may seem like a minor decision but it counts. The little victories count. That’s how we are trained for bigger victories. David was winning small wars while tending his father’s sheeps before he won the national war that brought him out of obscurity.

Fear shifts our focus on what the enemy can do while faith shifts our focus on what God can do.I was already praying for the school, teachers, and students. It was time to believe God answers my prayers for wisdom for the teachers, angelic protection over the school, favor and no daycare sickness for the little one.

I stopped resisting the change the school’s director wanted to put in place for the little one and trusted that all things work together for our good as a family.

It was indeed the best decision. The little one wasn’t tempted to go back to crawling like he was beginning to do, he stopped mouthing, sits on regular kid’s chair without straps, feeds himself, and socializes with other kids. I would have delayed these good things in fear.

Are you starting a business or looking for a job in fear that your needs will not be met by your heavenly father? Is your protective parenting based on fear that something bad will happen to your child or children? Are you preventing your spouse from making a financial decision out of fear?

Think about the decisions you are about to make, are they fear-based or faith-based? Ask God to give you wisdom to know what to do. Don’t insist on your ways, be open to God’s best for you and w as let your heavenly father display his sovereignty in your life.

Romans 1:17 (ESV): For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.”


  1. Wow amazing post sis! Love how you really described your struggle in this seemingly small issue in hindsight. Am facing a similar struggle …may God help us walk in faith and not fear in all aspects of our lives and decision making

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I am glad you got a good reminder to walk in faith ♥️ it isn’t always easy but the grace of God is sufficient even in our weaknesses.

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