Adoption Awareness Month: My Adoption Story

Adoption holds a dear place in my heart because I wasn’t raised by my biological parents and everything I have read about infant and early childhood development emphasizes the importance of stable loving relationships. A stable, nurturing and responsive care-giving relationship should be every child’s birth-right. No child should ever experience loneliness, neglect, and abuse. I wish I could provide a home for every child crying and longing for a family.

While I am unable to adopt at the moment, my hope is that this post will encourage at least one person/family to adopt a child or become a foster parent. The opportunities adoption presents to the one who is adopted can be transformative. My life is a living proof and I intend to pass it on in the nearest future.

My grandfather became my father when I was three years old. He was the only father I ever knew. About 12 years later, one of my aunts (actually my dad’s step sister) became my mother. That was very rare in the Nigerian society. I became a Christian once I started living with my grandfather. If he had not chosen to become responsible for me, I would perhaps be a Muslim girl married to I don’t know who. My late mother was a devout Muslim.

My aunt fought to legally adopt me. Her goal was to provide a better life for me in the United States but all efforts proved abortive. There were laws restricting adoption age and trafficking of teenage Nigerian girls flooded the media, it was a major concern for the government. After five failed attempts to get me out of Nigeria, God miraculously made a way (testimony may be told in future). I was granted a U.S. student visa and subsequent doors were opened. I joined the U.S. Army five years after living as an international student in the U.S., doors and opportunities have not stopped opening.

Things were not always rosy when I joined my aunt’s family. I struggled to fit in and my cousins turned siblings occasionally had trouble adjusting. We all had our issues but we learned to loved one another. We prayed together and had fun.

I hope I did a good job telling you this personal story. Telling very personal stories is not easy for me. However, I do not mind leaving my comfort zone if it will connect one child to a loving Christian parent or family.

Based on my story, you can see that the process of adoption can be tedious but it is worth it. My life would have been different if my grandfather and aunt did not give me the gift of opportunity. That is what children in institutions need, an opportunity to be a child, have a family, to be loved and have somewhere they too can call home. There will be difficulties but if God leads you to it, He will see you through it. You can make a difference. You can heal that child’s broken heart with your natural gift of humanity and supernatural gift of Christ in you.

Please pray about adopting or fostering a child. Join me in praying for children in institutions, that the hearts of God’s people will be moved to visit and provide homes for them.

I am thankful for Serena Backues, she is a great resource for fostering and adoption in the United States. You can read her posts on adoption Here and connect with her HERE.

God adopted us into his family. How does it feel? It feels great and the experience is amazing. Let us pass it on!


  1. This is heartwarming ❤️ Thank you for sharing 🌸
    My parents adopted four children who were actually my cousins who were orphaned. Their parents passed away really young. So we were raised seamlessly. My adopted sister passed away 2 years ago and her daughter was also adopted as well by my sister too. I love the idea of adoption and I am interested in it even if it is financial adoption and educating someone throughout school. ❤️

  2. This is heartwarming. God bless their hearts. If only more people get to know the blessing in fostering and adoption.
    Glad you were Gracefully orchestrated and you are a Christian rather than a Muslim.
    God knew ahead of time. All surely works together for good! 🤗

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! I’m thankful the Lord has worked in your life to bring about good things and opportunities. I used to be in the Army too. It was a nice experience. Are you still in?

  4. Thank you for sharing such a powerful and touching story. God bless you for this.
    I’m all turned good for you. As the bible says “Everything works for good for those who love God”. I would love to adopt a child someday.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️