Child Discipline: What Does the Bible Say?

From birth and even in utero, parents shape their children’s worldview. Parents, particularly mothers play an important role in the development of their child’s superego, values, and personality. This is due to the strong tie that exists between the mother and child in infancy and early childhood. Fathers are uniquely important as well. My previous statements imply that child discipline begins with parental discipline. Developmental theorists and several studies propose that the first three to eight years of life are very critical in the development of self/personality/values. From my point of view, this shows that it is not too early to start disciplining a toddler.

So, what can parents do to ensure they are helping their children form the right values and set a good foundation for what is right and wrong? How can one discipline a toddler? What is parental discipline and why is it important? Before answering these questions in subsequent posts, I would like to know your thoughts on the following scriptures:

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  1. I can definitely assure you our girls were disciplined, as in spanked when necessary. One child learned best through spanking, the other, by giving her some time alone. I think it is necessary for us to know our kids, in that way we will use the best method of discipline

  2. This is how God deals with us: discipline. When God discipline us he is treating us as sons/daughters (Hebrews 12:4:11). Society has made discipline a dirty word but discipline is evidence of love when it is done out of compassion, under control and focused on the child’s best outcome. The scriptures perspective on discipline is affirmed through what children will do left to themselves to do what they want to do.

    1. You are right, discipline has sadly become a bad word, like one is inhibiting another’s freedom. Yes, discipline should always come from a place of compassion. Thank you for your comment. It is greatly appreciated.

  3. Discipline is key. But there should be a balance. I believe with the word of God that says we shouldn’t lean on our own understanding but acknowledge Him would aid us. He knows the make up of these children (gifts to us from Him) so He will help us understand them and best know the method to be used for each – because they are individually unique and different.

  4. Discipline is very important in any child’s life it teaches them right from wrong and it doesn’t always have to be physical to make a difference either. I think if you can get your point across with being stern and talking with your kids that’s great but if your kid needs a wake up call to get it together and you spank them that’s ok too. Even so it will hurt the parent more then the child because it is coming from a place of love and wanting to instill respect in your child.

    1. You brought up important points, Rae. Thank you for the insightful comment. Yes, I agree with you that parents also feel hurt when disciplining their children. It hurts when I have to force my little one to stay in bed instead of allowing him play around at night. Ughh.

      1. I can totally understand where your coming from. I imagine your son is a lot older then my daughter but I have to do the same routine vs letting her play super late at night. A lot of times it’s hard for me to hear her cry even though I know nothings wrong or to discipline her when I know she needs it. But I got to do what I got to do.