Thoughts on Parenting 101

Many people think and say motherhood or parenthood does not come with a manual. We need to change that thought and statement. While reading Psalms 38 this morning, I was reminded that God in His wisdom has provided a manual for parenting. Psalm 38:1 states: LORD, do not rebuke me in your anger or discipline me in your wrath. I may not have a full understanding of that verse yet, but I believe God wants us to model David’s petition to his heavenly father. We should not rebuke our children in anger.

Another Bible verse came to mind while reflecting on the Bible as the manual for parenting, Ephesians 6:4. It says, Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord.

That verse tells me that the type of discipline and instruction we use in bringing up our children must come from the Lord. Since most of us hear God from His Word, we have to spend time in God’s Word to receive parenting wisdom and guidance. I love that the Bible teaches us to parent with love and understanding. Most importantly, it teaches us to model what we want to see in our children’s lives.

What do you all think about the two verses presented? Your words of wisdom are always appreciated.


  1. Hi Temi !
    I am so in agreement with you !
    The Bible warns against disciplining our children in anger.

    For Mommas, fear is often underneath our anger. For example, if our children continue to want to do things that we know are harmful to them, we can react with ‘anger’.
    Children challenge us to develop levels of patience that we never knew we were capable of ! Children are also great teachers of humility, as we realize that we need God’s continued guidance to care for them.
    It is the time spent with our children that builds the rapport so necessary to develop strong relationships with them. 🌷

      1. That is very sweet, and I am honoured, Temi.
        That is the beauty of motherhood.
        The joy of nurturing extends well beyond nurturing our own children and grand-children. It then extends to spiritual support of other moms and their children.
        God recognizes such support and blesses it. 🌷🤗

    1. I totally agree with you. I am new to this blog world. My daughter has been home for 1.5 years now. She was adopted at 15 months and the terrible twos were looming. Ha ha! She made me dig down deep for patience I never thought I had. God guides us!!! 🙂

      1. Yes, so true ! God develops tremendous patience in us. Wonderful that you provided a loving home for your daughter.
        The blog world is a great supportive community. 🌷🤗

        1. Yes, thank you so much. I adopted her at 26 years old and she is our first child too. I actually felt so alone and hope that other moms don’t feel that way. There are some things that only make sense when you are a mom yourself.Haah

  2. Best perspective for raising children of any age. I have heard a lot of frustrated parents during this shutdown. I feel for the kids most of all, they did not ask for this trial and they are just being children. I have also seen great ideas come out of this for teaching children character. Good reminders.

  3. Love that! Very directional ❤️
    I got the book, can’t wait to read it, I’m gonna have to wait until I’m finished with the book that I’m currently on so it might be a bit yet but it will happen!! Thank you sooooo much!!