How I Break Depression

Due to the pandemic, anxiety, depression, and other mental conditions are on the rise among new and expecting parents. Losing one’s job while expecting a baby is worrisome. Not getting a desired pregnancy or birth experience during the pandemic can be traumatic. The death of loved ones and other unexpected events are particularly difficult to manage during this time. We were not created for isolation. My prayer is that this post would awaken hope and bring light to anyone struggling emotionally this season. God cares. The God who gave you that child is faithful to provide all you need to care for your child. He heals broken hearts. While we cannot change past events, we have the power to shape how those events affect us. Worrying does not change the outcome of events. So, do not worry. Be blessed as you read!

Christian Mommas

Motherhood is a joyful experience and life is beautiful. Yet……

Sometimes, I have a heavy heart.

Sometimes, I can feel thick clouds of darkness.

Sometimes, it feels like there is a weight on me.

Sometimes, I feel like crying as I pity myself.

Sometimes, I feel hopeless.

Sometimes, I feel insignificant.

But ALWAYS, God is with me.

As a behavior therapist, I understand that everything happens for a reason and things in the immediate environment (internal and external) serve as stimuli for human behavior. While past events may play a role. Something in the immediate environment often trigger a feeling which manifests in form of a behavior. So, when I feel awful, depressed, etc., I ask myself, “what happened before you felt like crying”.

I will tell you what happens before all these feelings of depression hit: I spend time thinking or meditating on lies and what I do not…

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  1. I know this time has messed with so many, I’m continually in prayer over the well being of people as a whole…I’m so thankful God has kept me strong during this season..I’m focusing on remembering that ‘I have a choice!!’ This simple phrase is making a huge difference!❤️🙏

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