Celebrating Grandparents

I did not get to post this on National Grandparents Day, September 13th. Better late than never…Whenever I see grandparents with their grandchildren, I smile because grandparents are:

Graceful: Grandparents do not only carry themselves with grace, they extend grace to their grandchildren. Perhaps, their life experience and walk with God makes them more graceful.

Rare: Grandparents hold a very rare and unique place in families. Their insights and wisdom are rare.

Admirable: Worthy of respect, reverence and honor due to their great insight on the issues of life and graceful hearts.

Noble: It is often said, “don’t do what you don’t want your grandparents to see”. Grandparents have high moral standards.

Dearest: Aint grandparents the dearest? Whether we get to meet them or not, they hold a dear place in our hearts.

I pray that grandparents in our lives will bear fruit in their old age in Jesus name.

They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing ~Psalm 92:14


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