FIGHT with Family this Thanksgiving

Dear friends, I am thankful for you today and everyday. Reblogging last year’s Thanksgiving post because my heart aches for families this season. Politics, the media, and the pandemic have created resentment and unresolved conflicts within the family system this year. Please reflect on good memories, and remember every soul is valuable to God. This year- FIGHT means
Ignore divisive conversations
Guard your heart and extend grace
Humble yourself by taking every offense to God
Thank God for family

Stay blessed.
I love you all!
Have a memorable Thanksgiving !💃❤

Christian Mommas

Yes, you read that right. FIGHT! In a few days, we will celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. A day American families near and far gather together to celebrate life and family. It is a holiday of joy and conflict. I suggest that we do the following to position ourselves for a memorable and joyful Thanksgiving:

Fellowship with your family as you feast: Take a moment to thank God for life and family. As you eat, reflect on the goodness of God. Enjoy Thanksgiving meal with a grateful heart.

Improve family relationships: Be a peacemaker and set healthy boundaries. Make peace if possible and ask God for wisdom to resolve conflict during Thanksgiving and beyond.

Give to poor families: Some parents cannot provide special Thanksgiving meal for their children. Help these families if you can and do it with your family. Thanks to my local church, my…

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