My Mother Loved Me but I Didn’t Know Until Now

3months ago, I reconnected with my mother.

My mother, the one who gave me life.

I felt her love like never before and I have come to love her more than ever before.

As I held my own child, I realized she loved me.

She loved me enough to carry me in her womb for 9 months.

She made a choice to keep me, not abort me or kill me after birth.

She loved me enough to let go of me at 3 so I could have the good things she couldn’t provide.

It must have hurt, but she did it out of love and it was worth the pain.

The yearly birthday trips and gifts for her only daughter, Yeah! that was love.

When she hid her sickness from me, it was love.

It was love all along, a love I was blind to.

She loved me from the day I was conceived until she took her final breath.

My sudden awakening to the love of my mother has brought me wholeness and has given me the closure I needed. I encourage every orphan and anyone who was abandoned by a parent to reflect on the love that ‘perhaps’ existed. Reflect on the times you shared, the moments you remember, and let your heart feel love. If you had a traumatic childhood experience, seek professional help, don’t suppress your emotions, and let God heal your broken heart.