Are babies Selfish,Needy or Just Dependent?

My transition into motherhood has given me the opportunity to reflect on the numerous ways my mother expressed her love for me before she died more than two decades ago. More importantly, this transition has brought me on a spiritual journey where God’s love is revealed through my son. It has awakened a new sense of daughtership in my walk with God.

I have read and heard that babies are selfish and needy. They burp all over our outfits just when we are about to hit the road. They cry for reasons we absolutely wish they don’t leave us troubleshooting to determine. They want to be fed anywhere and anytime, they don’t care about public breastfeeding policy. They want to stay awake and play the very day an early night rest is absolutely needed. They demand momma or papa’s attention without thinking ‘Momma must be tired’, ‘I will wait’, ‘Papa doesn’t want to stand’, ……………………..

In all these baby actions, it is easy to see neediness and selfishness. However, deeper than that is complete dependence. Babies are dependent on momma and papa to feed them, care for them, and give them the best things in life. With this experience and knowledge, I have come to believe that this child-like or baby-like dependency is what God is calling me and everyone into. To look to God for help and guidance. To seek God’s will in our daily lives. Just like babies are dependent on their parents, I am dependent on the one who created me.

Acts 17:28 King James Version (KJV): For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.


  1. Our children are dependent on us for their needs, they trust us to be able to provide for them just as we trust our heavenly father to provide for us. We communicate through prayer to our father and they communicate through crying and cooing at a tender age until they can talk.

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