I Get To…………..

I am glad I get to see a new day and a new month. I started this year very pregnant and I am about to end it in good health with a healthy baby.

Some days ago, I came across a video where individuals were told to replace the phrase ‘I have to’ with ‘I get to’. My sense of appreciation for life and motherhood was heightened by the video.

Motherhood is a wonderful privilege and a blessing. The things I do as a mother are not just duties, they are privileges and gifts I have been given.

First, I get to stay at home with my baby all day

I get to breastfeed my baby

I get to play with my baby

I get to cook for my family

I get to change my baby’s dirty diaper and do his laundry

I get to give my baby a bath and dress him up

I get to raise my own child

Those are some of the things I get to do as a mother because I am alive and in good health to do these things. I also get to do these things because my baby is healthy. That’s a privilege and a wonderful gift!


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