Mom Guilt

The little one was the last child to get picked up from daycare today, on a Friday evening. That’s something I never thought would happen. Ugghh, Friday is not a day you wanna be late for pickup. I felt guilty but the lady had some kind words to make me feel better. It felt good to not be judged.

Women are judged for many things. If a marriage doesn’t work out, we get blamed, and everyone blames the mother of a child who does something bad. Mom shaming is definitely more common than dad shaming. What most people don’t consider is the guilt and pain most mommas feel when a child misbehaves. No one deserves to be trampled on when they are already down.

Let’s extend grace, love, and help to the momma struggling. Yes, that momma who obviously doesn’t have it together. The one who shows up late for pickup, the one who is often late to meetings, the one whose house looks messy each time you visit, the one whose kid is always misbehaving despite all the effort she puts in……Start with, “are you okay?” Or “do you need help?”

Let’s give ourselves grace. We are the best mommas for our children!

Thank you for reading ♥️


  1. Yes! There is always so much mom guilt. No one needs to be hard on us, or point out that we “failed”, because that little voice in our head is already beating us up.

    You’ve got this, Momma. Your little one knows they’re loved. ❤

  2. A friend and I just talked about how everything wrong that happens in a child’s life is the responsibility of the mom, but if this child does well, the child gets all the credit. I’ve told my kids I’ll take the credit for good as well as the bad 😂😂😂 heads up babe

  3. This is a compassionate and much needed post. Women are judged harshly in society. We need to be mindful of others needs instead of making them feel worse. When my daughter was little this happened to me before. I remember once I was late getting her from children’s church and another time I was late getting her from daycare. I felt bad too and she was crying. But these things happen sometimes. It’s no reflection on your parenting. You’re doing a wonderful job, and encouraging other moms with your blog.

      1. Yes it did. She’s almost 23 now but she told me when she got older she was sometimes afraid I wouldn’t come pick her up. I’m not sure why that was. It made me wonder if I did something wrong.

  4. Mom guilt “sighs.” We all felt it. Mom guilt consumed me on a daily basis. Honestly, I still battle with it. Being a mom is hard–being a single mom is even harder. Parenting my son who is now 20 was indeed a ride for a lifetime filled with tears, worry, disappointments and unconditional love. I often think if I could go back and make different decisions, knowing what I know now…But I can’t ! I now have to stand on Romans 8:28 and realized I did the best I could with what I had and with what I knew.

    I am learning to “let go” and allow him to make his own decisions. The word says, train up a child in a way that he should go and when he’s old he won’t depart from it. I brought him up in the things of God and in due time what has been deposited in him will manifest. This is simply his testimony and mine!