Words are Seeds

For two years, my husband and I have been intentionally sowing seeds of affirmation in our girls. One of our adopted little girls had so much hurt even as a baby she wouldn’t look at herself in the mirror without crying. It was heartbreaking and something we absolutely refused to receive as ours, so we fought.

We told her she is beautiful and extravagantly loved. I have told her even on the days I didn’t necessarily feel rainbows and butterflies toward her. I have told her on the days when I wanted to cry as she threw fit after fit. We told her as we said no to parties and trips because we knew it wasn’t worth the fight for her. I told her as we have fought for her speech. Her mind. Her heart. Our connection. We say it over and over. We have said it over and over for two years without seeing anything different.

Then…one morning in August as I sat brushing her hair, she looked at herself in the mirror with a big smile and said “mommy, your a princess. I am a beautiful princess.” And it hit.

Our words become our children’s inner voice. Choose to say the things you know are true even when you don’t feel it even when you don’t see it… because one day you will! Words are seeds, plant them wisely.


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