Thank You

The little one says thank you before and after he gets anything. I believe he thinks saying ‘thank you’ will get him anything. I am not surprised that the little one says thank you a lot. After-all, mommy and daddy say ‘thank you’ a lot.

Thank you is not just a polite expression. It is a seed of gratitude. It is an expression of gratitude that should be used when we deserve and do not deserve what has been done to/for us. A man once said his wife doesn’t need to thank him for helping around the house because they both live in the house together and housekeeping should be done by anyone in the house. While this idea sounds nice and logical, it doesn’t hurt to say thank you when our spouses and children do what they are meant to do.

Like I stated earlier, saying ‘thank you’ is a seed of gratitude and it can encourage more of a desired behavior to occur. Please take a moment and reflect on your thoughts and feelings in a moment someone told you thank you, particularly your spouse and children. I bet it feels good and motivates you to repeat events or actions that made them thank you. Now, begin to do the same. Sow that ‘feel good’ seed.

Thank your spouse for helping out around the house and taking care of the children. Of course you both live in the house and reproduced those children together. Still, express gratitude for your spouse’s effort and good choices. Thank your children for helping around the house. Thank your co-workers, employees and supervisors for doing their job well. More importantly, thank God for everything in your life.

Finally, thank you for visiting this blog, reading, liking, commenting, sharing, and being a part of my motherhood journey. God bless you!


  1. Thank you are some of the two most powerful words you can say to your children. We can all be a little more appreciative and say, thank you. And not only when someone does something you’ve asked them to do. I mean just for being them.

    In their fundamental development it’s important that our children know we are thankful for them. When my son was little I tried to say to him as much as possible. Sometimes the things our kids do or the sacrifices we make for them can make it seem like they are a distraction. We need to communicate consistently that they aren’t.

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