The Happy Momma

The Happy Momma,

She finds her sense of worth in God, not in motherhood.

She first identifies as the daughter of the King of kings.

She doesn’t compare herself with others, she knows she was fearfully and wonderfully made like her sisters.

She doesn’t compare her children with others, she knows they are unique gifts from the uncreated one.

She speaks life over her children, even when they break her heart.

She trusts the omnipresent God to care for her children.

She knows God loves her children more than she ever will, so she rests in His unfailing love.

She doesn’t only care for her children, she mothers the motherless.

She doesn’t only feed her children, she feeds hungry children in lands she may never tread.

She takes care of herself, so she can be happy with herself.

She loves her neighbor like she loves herself.

She smiles because she is ever grateful.

Her friends also have Jesus as their Lord.

She may or may not have a husband, yet she is content. For her husband is always the Lord, Jesus Christ. The one she can always trust with her heart.

A happy momma is the momma whose identity is found in Christ, Jesus. He is always enough for her. He satisfies her soul.


  1. There is a side of motherhood that I wasn’t prepared for: the hard one. I’m not talking about sleep deprivation, always working. I’m talking about the kind that wrestles with the heart and mind, questioning my worth.

    Do I really have what it takes to be a mother? I felt inadequate and unprepared.

    When we understand God’s providence, children don’t get here simply because two people decided to get together, God ordained it to be so. Every Kingdom mom has a purpose and a calling greater than motherhood, to make disciples (Matthew 28:19).

    We often feel overwhelmed and powerless in mothering because we forget whose power we operate in. I’m not my son’s mother by accident. Each mother is Divinely chosen to give birth, adopt, mentor specific children. God planned my son here before the foundation of the world.

    The call of motherhood has been entrusted to us sovereignly. No other woman can be YOU to your child. That’s why unhealthy comparison with other moms and judging your parenting against another mom is foolish.

    When God chose Mary to give birth to Jesus, He chose Mary. Not her cousin or neighbor. Tied to God’s sovereign plan for motherhood for my son is me–me surrendered to Jesus. Me, the struggling kingdom mom who fears and hopes, has weaknesses and strengths and a love that would go to the end of the earth for my son.

    We should live out the calling and purpose of motherhood in the context for the sake of the gospel and the eternal destination of our children.

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        Thank you for sharing I especially liked how you stated, shes doesn’t have a husband yet she is content. So many ladies, to need to hear that. Many ladies get their identity from a dating or marital relationship. Our identity is in God, not being a mother, wife, career woman or anything else. We are Daughters of the One true King!