Overcoming Trauma: Freedom Walk

Developmental psychologists/theorists and gerontologists have found several connections between early childhood experiences and adulthood. Few months ago, I wrote about the impacts of childhood experiences, family history, and past experiences on child rearing and marriage. Seeking godly counsel and professional help were presented as practical ways for overcoming the Ghosts in our Marriage and Kicking out Ghosts in the Nursery. Today, I would like to introduce you to Dr. Tope Ade (She is the woman I call mother, and I am glad I get to call her mother). She is spiritually and professionally equipped to provide godly counsel and guide you through the freedom you seek in mothering, parenting and any aspect of life.

Dr. Tope is a woman of faith who has gone through several challenges without giving up faith on God. She can relate with single mothers, survivors of domestic violence, and people from different walks of life. She is a chaplain with a shepherd’s heart. Dr. Tope has three advanced degrees; Doctor of Ministry and Master of Divinity degrees from Oral Roberts University, and Master (M.A.) in Human Services Counseling with a concentration in Marriage & Family Ministries from Regent University.

Please listen to a short message from her:

For more information on the Freedom Walk course, please connect with Dr. Tope on Facebook or visit her Website

Course link: https://drtopeade.com/online-class/

Stay blessed!


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