Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: God Makes Me Competent

Hello friends, please check out this guest post I wrote for a fellow Christian blogger, Katy @ unblemished. I shared my struggle with impostor syndrome and how I overcome it.

The Unblemished blog has a collection of faith stories and testimonies written by Christian women. If you have a story to share, please contact Katy.


Have you ever felt like you do not belong at the table despite bringing something to the table? Have you ever felt undeserving of a position despite being overqualified?  You may be struggling with impostor syndrome. While it is not an official psychological condition, impostor syndrome is known as a condition that affects many high achievers or successful people. It is a denial of personal achievements and competency despite evidences of success.

Last year, I sat in a room filled with business owners, directors, managers, and other individuals in top positions on their jobs. Suddenly, I began to think I did not belong there.  An overwhelming feeling of incompetency came upon me.  Lies flooded my head as everyone introduced themselves. I told myself, “you do not have a quarter of the experience these people have, you should not be here”, “you are not that smart, you are here by…

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  1. Powerful post. I have never heard of this syndrome before, but I can relate to the symptoms. When God blesses you with abundance the devil likes to tell you that you do not deserve it. But, thank God you understand that it is God who makes you competent. Praise the Lord. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Amen! Thank you! I also didn’t know about the syndrome until last September. Right in that meeting, I told everyone what I was feeling and it was named. The person in charge of the session said she also struggled with it. Praise be to God who makes us competent!


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