Celebrating Christian Mommas’ 4th Anniversary

Hooray! We are celebrating Christian Mommas’ 4th anniversary today! Wow! We started off as a personal blog in 2018 and transitioned to a community blog the same year. We added a mentorship program and an app this year. We have partnered with other ministries to advance God’s kingdom in the family system. We will spend the entire month reflecting on God’s goodness and highlighting testimonies of what God is doing through Christian Mommas. I am thankful to God for the opportunity to comfort others out of the abundance of comfort God has given me. I have met wonderful people on this journey. Thank you all for being a part of this adventure of faith!

Today, we are highlighting testimonies from our mentorship program. May these testimonies inspire you to keep doing all God has called you to do.

Jennifer A. (USA)

I absolutely appreciate the mentors trying to reach out to get to know us personally — this has been a blessing in this season when I am feeling alone in motherhood and swallowed by the busyness of life. Fellowship is something I have missed for a long time. Thank you for praying for me and listening to my needs it has helped reenergize my Christian walk and I hope to gain as much wisdom as I can get through this beautiful community of women on a mission to follow Christ.

Robin B. (USA)

The lessons have been good refresher courses for me. The prayer meetings are a wonderful opportunity to encounter the Holy Spirit and be encouraged to pray on a deeper level. The highlight for me has been finding another Mom who has both adopted and is parenting young adults. I have felt encouraged and supported on a challenging part of my journey.

Moya P. (Jamaica)

I liked the one-on-one conversations with the mentors so far, especially the phone calls and prayers. The devotionals are really appreciated, especially since they offer further resources at the end of each devotional.

Tomini D. (Nigeria)

This mentorship program has been a blessing for me because it came during a period of waiting and transition. I gained a lot of spiritual insights from the Proverbs 31 Woman, breaking intergenerational trauma and how to walk in intimacy and power of the Holy Spirit. I’m already seeing breakthroughs in my spiritual walk, and my relationships with my husband and daughters. The prayer Zoom sessions led by Eva were so powerful and reignited my personal prayer life as I thirsted for that intimacy with the Holy Spirit so evident in Eva.

Mona M. (USA)

I love it all, God is working through these beautiful sisters.

Kofo E. (USA)

Dr. Temi has been amazing! The personal mentoring has been wonderful as I have gotten new insights and information. Also it has been encouraging seeing comments on Moodle. I am truly grateful to God for connecting to Christian Mommas when I did. 

Nayeli H. (USA)

My experience with Christian Mommas mentorship program has been great! Temi has done a good job at teaching us and providing us with resources to help us understand these topics better. She has always made herself available to any questions or concerns I have. I truly appreciate that because there is so much to learn and it’s good to know that being curious is not a bad thing.

Brittany M. (USA)

Very good program. You all have met my expectations. Prayer has been most wonderful part of the program.

Danet N. (USA)

This is a great program and I thank God that this program came pass my path. I really enjoyed the small intimate settings and each woman’s story I could relate and felt like I was not alone. God bring his people together to fellowship in his name. 

Enam A. (Ghana)

Overall, the teachings have been eye opening and I love the devotionals too, they challenge me.

Doyin O. (Australia)

I found the resources quite helpful. With the Bible plans and recordings.

Sandra N. (USA)

I’m grateful for the meetings, prayers and the reading plans. They’ve been helpful in building my confidence and helping me grow and improving my relationships… Overall, it’s been a wonderful experience

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