Milestones Lesson 2: One Reason NOT to Worry About Needs

The changes I have seen the little one go through are pointers to the fact that God knows our needs and He is able to provide all we need exactly when we need them. Teething, babbling, crawling, and other baby milestones occur exactly when they become important.

My son’s teeth are not visible at the moment, but they will spring forth at the right time. They will become visible exactly when he needs them. The little one has every organ needed for speech and they will all begin to work in harmony at the right time. No one taught him how to crawl backward, roll, and reach for things. He has done all these at the right time, his own time, and it’s okay to say it’s God’s appointed time for him.

In like manner, God has already provided all we need. Even before we ask, He knows our needs (Matthew 6:8) and we will have all our needs met at the perfect time. We can count on God.

I can trust that the same God who has made it possible for my son to accomplish so many things without me and my husband’s input or effort is faithful to supply all our needs at the right time.

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