God Doesn’t Love Us Equally.

I believe God does not love us equally, He loves us uniquely.

I didn’t understand this until my third child. For a parent, love is not divided. Love multiplies. Each of my children awaken my motherly love in a different and unique way.

My children couldn’t be any more different and the incredible thing is that one child is often the opposite another. Jo’s maturity. Bub’s joy. Lenny’s independence. Little girl’s need for attachment. So different, so unique to each one.

God as our Father doesn’t have a simple love for us, He is love for us and in love with us. A love that is infinite, limitless, and unique. Today, I am thankful for a Father that doesn’t compare children, but celebrates the differences each brings to the family.

As women and parents, it’s hard not to fall into the trap of comparison. The society is constantly drawing us into comparison. Every time you are tempted to compare yourself with another, remember this- “God does not love us equally, He loves us uniquely.” You are special and an important member of the body of Christ. Your gifts are unique and you are precious in His sight.