Mothers and Grandmothers…

I read this powerful post a few days ago. If you have read my new book, A Christian Mother’s Creed, I briefly discussed the contagious faith of Timothy’s mother and grandmother. The author of this post did an excellent job describing the challenges Timothy’s mother and grandmother faced as Christians and their influence on Timothy. This is a great read for every Christian mother and grandmother. We are influencers! Enjoy.

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mothers and grandmothersMothers and Grandmothers…

Mothers and Grandmothers make a significant influence and impression on their children and grandchildren.  Many times, dads are working, so moms have hours with their children to talk, teach, love, feed, clean, play, etc. with them.  As mothers and grandmothers teach them about Jesus, the Bible, godly character, and prayer, they are leaving a genuine faith legacy to be learned and followed.

Many children learn visually and do what their mothers and grandmothers do by mimicking them.  As a child watches them bake chocolate chip cookies, he learns.  When he watches her tell someone about Jesus, he watches, listen, and learns.  When he watches them read their Bible, care about others, or pray, he is learning and mimicking what he learned.  The best way to teach your child to love Jesus as his Savior and to have a genuine faith is by having one also.

Paul told…

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