Deception 😟

Deception deception deception!! Believing something false is true. The most unfortunate thing about deception is that we don’t know we are in it. We only realize we were living in deception when we come out of it. We don’t know we are being deceived until we come to our senses and truth is revealed. It’s a scary thing to fall into great deception.

I am writing about deception because God spoke to me through my baby’s cluelessness about the danger of getting too close to the edge of the bed. He doesn’t understand that the barriers I place everywhere- around the bed and his play area are meant to protect him. I did not set them up to limit his freedom to play or move.

As I reflect on the times I have fallen into deception, I can see that it was all because I believed a lie. I believed God’s ways were limiting my freedom and I needed a break. That’s like taking a break from the light in order to walk in darkness. It’s difficult to see in darkness and there is no clarity in it.

This is my heart cry, “Lord, catch me when I am falling, help me to always remember you are enough for me and your commandments are for my good”


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