Lessons From My Daughter’s Experience With Bullying

Few years ago, I made an attempt to watch my brother play basketball but found myself chasing a very busy toddler. As I walked behind my kids cleaning up their trail of crumbs I overheard an interesting conversation.

Three little girls were sitting on the bottom bleacher watching the basketball game. As we walked by, one girl stuck out her foot and tried to trip my daughter. She then stuck out her tongue and told my daughter that her hair was ugly.

Jovie, my daughter never skipped a beat, she told the little girl sorry for stepping on her foot and simply replied “I love my hair” and in normal Jovie fashion she added “what are you talking about?.”

I was so stunned at what had happened it took me a second to catch up to the little people running in front of me.

The next morning I woke up replaying the situation in my mind over and over again. I am not naive enough to think my child will never face adversity, but to experience first hand the voices that plague our children was extremely surprising.

This situation opened my eyes to the importance of identity. I know the promises that have been spoken over my daughter and the truths that have been claimed over her life before her conception. I know who she is, but in that moment she showed me that so does she.

My daughter knows who she is! She wasn’t fazed by a word that goes directly against her design. She brushed it off and looked at that little girl with love.

We serve a King who has a kingdom founded on love. My God looks at me the same way I looked at my daughter. He sees my purpose and my design, and he holds my hand as I step out and rebuke the voices that come against my identity. He then assures me of my purpose and confirms his plan. I am so thankful for His voice of love!